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Settlement with neighbor clears way for Paraiso Springs resort project in south Monterey County.
Only 20 minutes by car west of Arroyo Seco.
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The location of the proposed Paraiso Springs project, in the foothills of the Santa Lucia Mountains near Soledad.

After 15 years, the last remaining challenge to a proposal to build a massive resort in South Monterey County was a neighbor of a project who sued the developer and asked the County Board of Supervisors to reverse its approval. But on Jan. 27, the night before the board was set to decide on the Paraiso Springs resort project, Cynthia Pura suddenly withdrew her appeal. Pura and the developer, Thompson Holdings LLC, reached a last-minute settlement, according to Mike Novo, a county planner handling the project. The terms of the agreement remain unknown as attorneys for both sides did respond to requests for comment. 

The site of the project at the foothill of the Santa Lucia range near Soledad hosted a historic resort which shut down in 2003 after decades if disrepair due to fire and floods. The resort will include about 180 units with extensive amenities for tourism, with the hope that the site’s natural hot springs and surrounding wine country will attract visitors. Political and business leaders in South County see the resort as a potential economic engine for an area with limited employment opportunities. 

The Monterey County Planning Commission approved the project unanimously in October 2019.

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The new local company Arroyo Seco Internet (ASI), has just begun offering high speed internet service in the Arroyo Seco area.  The first three customers were (1) Valarie and Andy Klingelhoefer, (2) Erin Melchior both who live in Jorgenson Flats and (3) Chad and Sami Dietz who live on Olivia Drive.  Those have interest in this new local service may want to contact these households to see if they are satisfied with the performance. 

Gregg Garcia, ASI CEO remarked that “For the last 8 months ASI has been securing sites and building microwave towers  (six (6) to date) that should eventually provide high speed internet service to nearly all households with addresses on Arroyo Seco Road, Sycamore Flats Road, Olivia Drive and Carmel Valley Road with the Greenfield zip code of 93927.  Currently able to receive service are households in Jorgenson Flats, Sycamore Flats, Olivia Drive and the dozen or so homes close to Massa Vineyards and Mesa Del Sol. By the end of this year, towers are projected to be constructed that will allow service to households in Arroyo Seco Resorts and northwest along Carmel Valley Road about a mile from the intersection.”

Gregg Garcia, ASI CEO further noted “We are a local Company that wants to earn a reputation for providing reliable, high performance, internet at a fair price, with excellent customer service. We are planning to add subscribers at a slow enough rate that we can be sure the existing subscribers are happy with their service and that each tower site is durable throughout the year, including the rainy months. Customers are enjoying the ability to use their cell phones in and around their homes as well as streaming their favorite videos and movies.” 

For those wanting more information, please call (831) 674-4075, email , visit , or write us at  Arroyo Seco Internet, PO. Box 2253, Greenfield, CA  93927

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The New York Times
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