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Albertola Estates

are 10acre lots of land on 

Olivia Drive, off Arroyo Seco Road

in Monterey County, CA 93927

United States


Phil Coelho

Albertola Estates

Property Manager

(916) 768-5101

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This land has been in my family for three generations.  Throughout the years, we have had countless family vacations, gatherings, and groups of friends visit and renew their spirits in this magical place.  My father and I decided to take some of our land and develop these 10 acre lots.  We invite you to talk with us about building your own home and lasting memories here. Please contact me to discuss the myriad possibilities available to you.


We are also working with a wonderful real estate agent that can provide tours of the estate lots, assistance in obtaining financing and answers of your questions about the unique attractions and benefits of this uniquely beautiful region of Monterey County.

Kathy Baker

Carmel Valley Realty Company

1 Center Street

Carmel Valley, CA 93924



Financing Team

Specialize in lot loans, construction financing and home mortgages for all dwellings, including custom modular homes.


Marianne Mcaleer

Loan Officer

U.S. Bank Home

NMLS # 469780

office: (530) 241.4232

cell: (530) 945.0366

fax: (530) 243.4635

Molly Staplecamp

Mortgage Sales Manager

U.S. Bank Home 

NMLS #582936

office: (530) 241.4232

cell: (530) 949.4332

fax:  (530) 243.4635

Highlighted manufacturers of Custom Prefabricated Modular Homes






Stillwater Dwellings

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